Our company is established in USA in the year 2002. We have around 37 years of experience since our company established in India. We are trained System Analyst and carry our all types of IT work via our company in India. We can take up off shore work for any IT development.

We quote for few professional websites development as under:-

Web Portal Name Price USD
Stock Management System (POS) 300.00
Helpdesk Portal 250.00
School Management System 350.00
Hotel Booking System 250.00
Invoice management System 200.00
Freelance Management system 300.00
Car rental management system 300.00
House Rent Management System 300.00
Photo Studio Management System 300.00
Hospital Management System 500.00
Lead tracking system 150.00
File manager system 200.00
Restaurant management system 250.00
Dating Portal 400.00
Car Dealer Management System 400.00
Youtube type video portal 300,00
Tours & Travel Agency portal 400.00
Fitness Center management system 300.00
Newsletter Management System 250.00
Classifieds website 300.00
Expenses management system 200.00
HRM & Payroll Portal 400.00
HRM Portal 200.00
Store management system 250.00
MLM System 400.00
Inventory Management System 300.00
Cab management System 250.00
Clinic management system 250.00
Cab booking system 350.00
FOR Management System 250.00
Multi center examination portal 400.00
Super-shop management software 300.00
Business CRM 550.00
Courier Management System 350.00

Above prices are up to the concerned features only. Charges are applicable for extra features. Above portals are up to backend functionality only, for front-end, graphic & web design, we charge Rs.200.00 from customers. We can also supply man power of IT Professional which is quoted on a separate page.