1. Major Mir Ali (Retd) graduated from Indian Military Academy in 1964 and later graduated from Military College of Telecommunication Engineering
  2. Did specialization in VHF communication
  3. Served 20 years in the Army and 14 years managing an electronic industry as the MD heading Research and Development Cell
  4. He was awarded gold medal at India International Trade Fare for his innovative work in consumer electronics in the year 1985
  5. He has been adjudged as one of the Rising Personality of India in the year 1999 and his citation was published by Penguin Publication in their publication "The Rising Personalities of India", in 1999, the book is available in all libraries and most of the Indian Embassies.
  6. He has also been awarded 'Man of the Year 2000" by The London Biographical Society Of England.
  7. He has been adjudged as one of the 2000 scientists of the world. See the Biographies of the scientist published by British Autobiographical Society of England in the year 2004
  8. He has also been celebrated by publishing his biography by American Biographical Society as one of the Contemporary Professional person of the world and this book is available in all libraries and book sellers
  9. He was closely associated with the political activities in India and he was Convener of a Political party MDP (Minorities Development party) in India.
  10. Listing in “The National Register of Who is Who in Executive & Professional Publication, USA”, a famous publication at the Wall Street City which is also placed at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C and which is a honor for any person in USA.
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