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Liquid Natural Gas:

A: Gross Heating Value (Volume based).

Minimum: 1050 Btu/ SCF.

Maximum: 11 70Btu/SCF.

B: Hydrocarbon composition and Nitrogen content within the

Following Range:

-Methane: 85.00 MOL % Maximum.

- Butanes and Heavier: 2.00 MOL % Maximum.

-Pentanes and Heavier: 0.10 MOL % Maximum. -

Nitrogen: 1MOL % Maximum.

C . Impurities with the following range:

-Hydrogen Sulphide: 4.8MG/Nm3 Maximum.

-Total quantity: 28.0 MG / Nm3 Maximum.

Solids and other Impurities : Non as such quantities as shall interfere with the receipt and transportation of LNG, or the use of LNG as Natural Gas.

Click here to see LNG conversion table