• IRON ORE: We can provide you Iron Ore of Fe 64.5% and rejection below Fe 63% and also of Fe 63% and rejection below Fe 61% . We can also provide lower grade Iron Ore. We are in Agreement with various refineries in Mexico, Brazil, India, Philippines and Egypt. Please contact us with quantity and specification to get the quote. We have the track record of supply to Chinese processing plants.

    We can supply as CFR to any world port.

    Please write to us for the above at aleesimpex@yahoo.com

  • SUGAR: We can provide you Brazilian Sugar icumsa 45 and 100 with spot/contract and High Sea. We Can provide contract suagar. The price per MT depending on your quantity will be quoted as there is heavy fluctuation in Sugar price. Please contact us with quantity and disport. We can get you spot 25,000 MT or Contract. Please contact immediately.

  • Copper Ore: We have good source of copper ore mines for 15% to 25%. Please quote you requirement to get you the price.
  • We do have Bitumen Seller at the price as under:-
    Bitumen 60/70 , 80/100 in new steel drums FOB Iran
    Bitumen 60/70 , 80/100 in new steel drums CIF DUBAI
    Bitumen 60/70 , 80/100 in new steel drums CIF INDIA,
    Bitumen 60/70 , 80/100 in new steel drums CIF China ,
    Bitumen 60/70 , 80/100 in new steel drums CIF Bangladesh ,
    Bitumen 60/70 , 80/100 in new steel drums CIF Dare Alsalam ,
    Bitumen 60/70 , 80/100 in new steel drums CIF Nigeria, Lagos port
    Delivery Time to loading port : 35 to 40 Days.
    Bitumen 60/70 , 80/100 in new steel drums CIF Turkey, Izmit port.
    Bitumen 60/70 , 80/100 in new steel drums CIF Africa ,
    Interested buyers to contact us.

  • We can get you Iron scrap HMS 1-2, 25,000 MT x 12 CIF, origin South Africa, South America and Europe. We also have from USA 500 MT to be sent in containers, origin USA.

    Conatact us at alees!@alees.com and aleesimpex@yahoo.com

  • Write to aleesimpex@yahoo.com or alees@alees.com Magnese Ore..

    Ore Specifications Product: Manganese Ore Quantity: 20.000 ton +/- 5% Element Percentage Mn 38% Min Typical : 42% Si O2 13% Max Typical: 9 % Fe 3.5% Max Typical: 2.00 Al2 O3 4% Max Typical: 2.00 CaO 6% Max Typical: 2.5 Mg O 0.5 % Max Ti O2 0.18% max Typical 0.11 P 0.07% max Moisture content 10% max Sizing 10 - 100 mm, 80 % 20% others Special Price Price on request, FOB Stowed BUSINESS CONDITIONS Lot: 20.000 ton Origin : Brazil Delivery terms: FOB Stowed Salvador Port , Brazil , Payment : LC at sight.

    Also Chrome Ore 34%. Please contact us with details.


  • Soya Bean

    We can get you Soya Beans CIF China/India & Korea. Rates on request.

    Please contact us with LOI.

  • Write to aleesimpex@yahoo.com or alees@alees.com for conductive copper.

    We got the seller of conductive copper powder.

    Buyer may contact us to get inspection & analysis report with price and offer letter.



  • We can get you Australian steam & coking coal.

    1. Australian coal is known for low ash and low sulphur. We can get you Stream Coal & Coking Coal of 5000-5500 & 6000-6400 kcal/kg value.

    2. We can get you even Indonesian Coal of GCV 6000 and below.

    Please contact with LOI

    Please write to alees@alees.com & aleesimpex@yahoo.com and we send you the offer.

  • If you can issue ICPO & Passport copy, we can get you the following Petroleum products:

    D2, JP54, AGO, D6, Mazut, Gasoline, LPG & LNG.

    We let you know the name of the Russian refinery once you agree.

       Write to aleesimpex@yahoo.com or alees@alees.com. 


Iron Ore

Sugar Brazilian


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Alees International provides Support to Sellers/Buyers

Alees International is committed to provide support to sellers and buyers both to market or procure the products. Buyers and Sellers of commodities, agricultural products and Petroleum products can contact us. We have also included another IT wing to support companies in USA. visit www.alees.com


We provide IT support Globally with our associates from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

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