Our Services & Fee

    Our Service:

      Our fee arrangements are flexible. We wish to work with you in a manner that best suits the needs of your particular business. We act as you representative in USA. We do the following work for you:
    • We maintain your office on your behalf.
    • We do correspondence with local USA or other international clients.
    • We search for you the local marketing experts depending on your products.
    • We recommend the remuneration and other wages for them.
    • We visit the consultants and assess their status and report to you.
    • We receive your samples and specifications and pass it on to the consultants and the local clients. In case of import we collect samples on your behalf and send it to you.
    • Do the follow up to procure orders. Follow up payment if required. Get the samples lab-tested if required. Recommend the type of packing and labeling. Initiate action for the Letter of Credits or escrows.

    • We carry out joint inspection of the consignment on its arrival to keep the interest of our partner alive and to make sure that the client is not reporting undue damages.
    • We can get for you the samples inspected by the laboratory in case it is essential before the custom clearance. In most of the cases it is required for Indian goods.
    • We submit drawback claims if applicable. We talk to all the clients, consultants and officials with in USA for all your matters. We review the contracts and also get it reviewed with the local attorneys. We arrange for attorneys in case there is a legal requirements and follow up the disputes.


    • A nominal retention fee of $ 500 Per month (This is to ascertain the seriousness of our clients abroad and to partly share our overheads).
    • A Commission of 2% on all the import and export consignments on FOB value and any other revenues received by you.
    • Traveling expenses to be paid in advance based on actual, in case we are required to travel for your work and after your approval.
    • Actual fee to the local marketing expert consultants which will be finalized with your approval.
    • Our retention fee will be sufficient for the long distance calls as such no extra phone bills will be raised initially.
    • We are not charging any fee for representing and carrying out the work for you. We do not want to put any extra burden on our clients/partners till they get their first order.
    • Our source of income is only the commission, which you pay on sending or receiving consignments.
    • Just consider actual cost. Payroll and payroll taxes, employee benefits, office rent and real estate taxes, insurance, office equipment and computers, telephone lines, utilities (gas and electric), and vehicle costs, an average office can easily cost more than $15,000 per month plus executive salaries. You may devolve working on an individual task, on an hourly, monthly, or annual basis. Long-term and ongoing relationships have proven to be the most effective.
    • Your long-term goals will enable us to work with you to develop the most effective strategies, and ultimately to provide your company with most of the benefits.
    • Fees for professional services performed outside of our offices are contracted on your behalf. We act as your foreign partner/associate.
    • The services such as of Marketing consultants, Attorney, A freight forwarder, or A CPA (Certified Public Accountant), will be arranged at a cost based on actual. We shall consult with you before finalizing.
    • You can pay these to service providers directly or if you wish, we can maintain a cash balance on your behalf and pay these services from your cash account after your approval.
    • Cost estimates and payment schedules for these services will be provided to you prior to engaging them.
    • Arrangements for the reimbursement of incidental costs such as telephones, postage, shall be adjusted from the retainer initially till the first order is matured.
    • We are quite confident of our abilities, and we pledge to deliver the best value for every penny you invest with Alees International.
    • We know that continued relationship depends on our overall effectiveness. We believe that once you see how Alees International can enhance your efforts and improve your profits, we will be working together for the long-term.