• We have noticed a lot of scams going on in the world in the name of third country trade practice.
  • We endeavor to bring few emails and list of the Frauds in the world received by us, without prejudice.
  • In case the offer is from them or through them, we need to be careful and do due diligence on them.
  • We have published few documents here as we received. We confirmed that there is no black list published by ICC.
  • We have suggested some procedures as to how to deal with offers Please read carefully and also see the TRANSNEFT press release here for scam.


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Dear all ,

Things to do to avoid these scams from trading Russian Petroleum Products:
  1. Always contact Moscow embassy in your country's for help on screening Russian sellers.
  2. Possibly ask your embassy to recommend a local lawyer to screen and verify any document that you receive from Moscow .
  3. Get your lawyer to invite you to Moscow to verify all documents issued by your seller and to visit your seller.
  4. Get the seller to move by issuing PB from reputable Russian Bank with a major Foreign corresponding bank and Vessel Charter Party Agreement verifiable through your lawyer in Moscow .
  5. There is no scam without a Bank. Check the seller's bank listed on the contract. Bank uses their own mail server so if given bank email address shows a different mail server then be concerned. Call the bank. Bank officer should use a land line for their phone number not cell phone.
  6. Serious and successful sellers should not have any need to collect Transneft fees upfront from you once you show then preliminary proof of fund via BCL or soft probe. Only scammers want to see your money first, because their business is to collect these fees,not to sell oil. Furthermore, once you send them one payment, they tell you that they have a quota and that you need to send them more deals before they can accept your Pre-advice LC or issue PB. Even if you ask them to sign a promissory note to return the money in case of non-performance, they will do it because you have no way of collecting that money back from them.
  7. Do not accept any document from these people unless you have a way of verifying it independently. They are master forgeurs for all sort of refinery and government documents.
  8. They use a lot of Seller's mandate all of over the world to bring them business. The Russian mandates are part of the scam but foreign mandates are usually innocent victims who think that they are representing a legitimate Russian seller.


  1. Please don't be afraid to share your scam stories !!! Scammers use the same scheme over and over because their victims do not speak out Your story will help weeding out scammers from the business. It is not just about the money, it is about detecting these scams soon enough to avoid wasting time.
  2. NOTE: Since this article was initially posted here, there have been some new company listings on (Lukhoilsandgas, Golden Oil,....) presenting themselves as mandates for Russian companies like RUSNEFTPROM.
  3. My personal recommendation is not to do business with any mandate or company that lists relationship with Alduke Holdings-Sibneftprom, RUSNEFPROM or any of the companies listed above in this article.
  4. The real test is for you to get a copy of their procedure, they all require upfront fee from the buyer for Transneft fee before they issue PB, POP, or show any oil or SGS report or proof of previous deals where that have actually ship any oil to anybody.
  5. The Following are the documents available for the preview of the readers which have been sent to us by our associates. We publish their emails as we receive, from our associates and without any prejudice. We take no responsibility of their correctness nor they are listed with ICC:-
  1. Emails From Associates- you can send your complaints to - Please also read the emails from the associates on Russian scams on the same page. You may also copy the email to us for archiving with your full contacts in case you have been cheated by some one.
  2. Send Emails reporting such cases if you are personally effected- You may send email to Munic S Alberto and also to "Yahoo Group", get the lists and report for the inclusion of the name.
  3. TRANSNEFT press release- Click this link to read TRANSNEFT press release.
  4. See the emails received from the effected associates against the companies involved and communicated to us by Munic S Alberto Click here to read their emails copies.

    Think twice before providing a broad bailout for U.S. debts given the wide diversity of mortgage holders and the great magnitude of the total debts outstanding in the United States. Just-released Federal Reserve Flow of Funds data show that, beyond mortgages, there are another $20.4 trillion in private sector consumer and corporate debts, plus $2.7 trillion in municipal securities....... Click here to read more.. the research paper by Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D. and Michael D. Larson, Weiss Research, Inc. The following are some of the names of the Russian companies which our customers have reported fake:- Company Represented by Tel No.

    1. Sibir
    2. ZAO Sorcont Oils 3. SibirNeft
    3. SibirNeft
    4. Icon Oil by Mr. Shateav - Tel-749550690
    5. OOO Ru - Rucas OPil & Gas by Mr. M. Petrovich - Tel 749551834...
    6. OOO Integral - Tel-749597114
    7. OAO AchinskNeft by Yury Kosyuk - Tel-790300630
    8. OAO Ruslaneft Co LTD Tel- 792673259
    9. NikitOil by Nikita Ivanovich
    10. TatNeft Tel- 749551834
    11. Intercont Oil
    12. NovostiNeft Oil
    13. Interlot -Oil
    14. kamneft
    16. Russibneft
    17. Transneft
    18. NovostiNeft Oil
    19. Interlot Oil
    14. Kamneft
    16. Russibneft
    17. Transneft
    18. ZAO Nortagas Group
    1. "ENERGOPROM" Krjazhev Vladimir Ivanovich - Tele- +7 (86731) 31488 ,+7 9612975282 , Email:
    2. Inter JOB GMBH - Mr. Frank Reiche - 35/4, Sitz Leipzig, Amtsgericht Leipzig.
    Deal coordinated and reported by Mohammed Habib from Pakistan -Tele-+92 22 - 3864338, +92 22 3864381, Mobile- +92 321 - 300 6880

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